Home Inspectors have become a very regular part in the home buying process in Asheville, NC.  But is it really necessary to pay $400+ to have someone tell you what's wrong with the house that you are about to buy?

There are several reasons most buyers would agree that a home inspection is a good idea.  First, home inspectors are trained to find any major issues that could arise with your new home's foundation, mechanical, plumbing and really all of it's systems.  If you are getting ready to pay several hundred thousand dollars, it's a good idea to make sure nothing extremely expensive is going to need fixing upon move-in.

Secondly, home inspectors are great at finding potential safety hazards.  Whether it's improper wiring, water flow, harmful gas ventilation or cancer causing material use, a good home inspector will usually be very helpful in identifying any potential threats in your house.  

Finally, they can be very helpful in assisting you getting any pre-move-in repairs or additional money off the selling price of the house.  Because of the way the contract is set up in NC, it is commonplace for the original agreement to be slightly altered due to anything that is uncovered during the inspection phase. So, by allowing them to nit pick all the little nuances of your home, you can typically get a few items that are maybe not easy for you to fix taken care of.

If you are thinking about buying a home in Asheville, NC, we strongly recommend you get a home inspection in just about every situation.  We've had experience working with many different inspectors, so if you'd like a recommendation, we will be happy to offer our opinion.