March is here and with any luck there will be no more snow until next year!  So, what if your house is on the market and has absolutely wonderful snow covered photos of the front door?  Should you leave the home looking its most cozy, or is it time to take new pictures?

Now that the seasons are changing again, we have been asked several times if it is a good idea to take new exterior photos of a house that has been listed for sale since the snowy season.  The short answer is yes!  In fact, if your agent is giving your listing proper care and attention, you should have a new photo taken each time the landscape changes. There is no bigger turn off than looking at all the wonderful new listings in the early spring and coming across a photo with snow on the ground.  If that does not stigmatize a house, nothing does.

Do yourself a favor and keep your outside photos up to date.  Considering natural lighting is best outside anyway, this can be done very simply and inexpensively.  If you are considering your house this season, give us a call at (828) 707-5642.