We all know that it is important to have positive curb appeal if you're trying to sell your home in Asheville, or anywhere!  But, how important is it?  According to the National Association of Realtors 63% of people will drive by houses before they decide whether or not they want to tour the home.  That means that even if you have the most immaculate interior, an open concept floor plan, matching hardware throughout the entire house and you spent all week removing those popcorn ceilings, more than half the people won't even come in the house if your outside isn't taken care of.  So, what is going to help build curb appeal?

1. Positive Entry - the driveway and walkways are a BIG deal, especially in the areas surrounding Asheville.   If you live on the side of a mountain, please make sure your drive way is graded, or if you have the means pave it.  This will pay you back in spades 

2. Easy Landscaping - whether you realize it or not, the first thing you see is the first thing you see.  Most people find their way around on this planet by looking at where they put their feet.  Your yard, garden, trees and flower beds must be kept clean and easy.  Raked leaves, lawn mowed, weeds gone, etc.  More often then not, less is more,  but if you're going to go for it, keep it clean!

3. Newish Roof - you don't think about it much as a homeowner (unless there is a problem), but the roof is everything to a buyer wanting a "move-in" ready home.  It is well known as one of the most costly repairs to a home, so its important yours isn't showing red flags.  If you've got missing or curled shingles, replace them!

4. Pressure Wash or Paint - Siding, decks, porches, walkways.  If its dirty, either clean it up or paint it!

5. Happy House Numbers - spend $20 to finish off your home with some up-to-date house numbers.  This is an important touch as it tells your buyers that you have considered even the little things.

6. Pro Photos - This is by far the most important step.  88% of buyers start their search online, meaning you are competing with all the other properties online at any given time.   So, all those special little things that make your house unique, are absolutely pointless if you don't capture them on film.  Hire a professional photographer whether you want $100k or $1M for your home.  

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